Electrical Smoke is Never Good

And it smells horrible.

A couple of days ago, I was working with some of the wiring on the robot. I recently acquired a new cable type. This cable (also known as a y-cable) would allow two motors or lights to be plugged into one port. This would free up available port slots on the microprocessor, and would allow the addition of more motors on to the robot.

All of which sounds wonderful, until one hears a slight crackling sound and sees the tell-tail blue puff of electrical smoke exiting the microprocessor (never a good sign). Also, electrical smoke smells very bad. It was confirmed that something had gone horribly wrong when none of the controls or lights were working. Cracking open the microprocessor revealed that the problem was not as bad as it looked like (or smelled).

However, without access to a soldering iron, it cannot be fixed. So that pretty much ended any driving around this semester. It should be up and running again by the time it returns (along with a new robot). Until then, have a safe flight, and happy holidays!



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