Robot Status Update Number Two

With the addition of a new wrist, the robot has gained another degree of flexibility. Two of the gears for the wrist mechanism impede slightly on the field of vision of the camera. However, the wrist allows the claw to be moved away from the field of vision of the camera, giving a net gain of visibility.

The second light also came in the mail. This should improve the view out of the camera in low light environments.


The RCA to USB adapter also arrived for the transmitter station. This should allow the camera feed to be viewed over a computer, not just a TV. I hope to have a couple of pictures, or even a video from the camera sometime soon.

Scheduled to arrive in late November are two high-strength motors. Those will be converted to high-speed motors and mounted on the wheels, improving the acceleration and top speed of the robot. With these new modifications, it should really fly.


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