As this is the first post, I have decided to come up with a completely original title called First! (Technically, the welcome article was the first post, but just go with it.)

And to start off with a bang, I have decided to present the weather. Now this might seem an odd topic to start out with, but anyone who has flown out of Atlanta knows how much the weather depends on flight. Plus, the weather system in question was the remains of tropical storm Lee that passed through Blacksburg between 09/05/11 and 09/08/11.

I had just finished eating lunch with my cousin on 09/07/11when we noticed that most of the stairs in the area had turned into waterfalls. We decided to go exploring around the campus of Virginia Tech to see where new streams and rivers had appeared. I then remembered about the stream that leads to the Duck Pond, so we headed over to see how high it was.

Not only was the stream high, it was also flowing very quickly.

(I also found that it is a bit difficult to take pictures with a phone while holding an umbrella in a steady rain. Either that, or I am a bad photographer. Good thing I am going into engineering.)

I will try to add images later of what these areas normally look like, to help get a better idea of the volume of rain that we had.

That is all for the “first” post, check back later for the update. Have a safe flight!


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